Tired of your Competition
taking all of your traffic?

Get real Search engine Optimization (SEO)
FOR your website

Proper SEO gets you more QUALIFIED customers for your business!

WonderGardens.org averaged $1,100 worth of traffic before we optimized the site.

Before Professional SEO

WonderGardens.org averaged $5,700 worth of traffic after we optimized the site.

The process includes

Keyword Mapping

Working with you to determine what are the proper keywords for each page to help qualify and engage visitors.

Content Evaluation & optimization

We review all of your pages, with help from our AI tools, to optimize your content for your keywords.

Weekly update calls

Every week there is an update call to share with you exactly where we arem, and what we are working on.
No Secrets!

SEtup / Validate your analytics

We will make sure that your analytics are set up properly and you know how to use them so that you are always updated on the progress.

Properly Setup structured data

We will make sure that each page has the correct structured data so your site can show up for as many of the SERP features as possible!

site Performance improvements

We all know how frustrating it is when a website doesn't load quickly. We will evaluate the performance of your website and improve it if needed!

Proper SEO will dramatically help your Google Ads!

Google Ads optimization

Good SEO is essential to minimizing your ad costs! (And professional PPC management doesn’t hurt!)

Reduce your cPC

When your keywords line up with the search term, and they are the same terms on the page, Google will reward you with a significantly lower Cost-per-Click!

Improve your Conversions

Since all of your content directly aligns with the terms people are searching for, good SEO dramatically lowers your cost of conversions because of someone is searching for a specific term and it is integrated into you content, odds are they want something you have!

"Greg has been very adept at providing SEO services to our business. He's creative, smart, resourceful and is always proactive and thinking out of the box. He's great to work with and a big help to our growing business."
"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Greg. He talked me through all the key points of SEO and what to look out for in a simple manner, he also went above and beyond to provide support when needed. Thank you Greg. "

you Own everything

SEO stays on your site and will continually help bring visitors to you as long as you update and maintain it.

Identifies Customers

Proper SEO makes you think about what your website visitors are thinking about and what drives them to purchase.

Improves Business

Better understanding of your customers. thought process will help to improve all aspects of your business.

What can I say? Greg is the absolute best there is. I have worked with several web developers, but none compare to Greg. If you want your project done under budget, in time, and professionally, Greg is your guy. We had spent way too much for a website that never really worked like we wanted it to. Greg took our project over and in a matter of 2 months we had the website we wanted initially, at less than 25% of the original cost! I'm telling you, if you need web design done, look no further...

What are you waiting for?

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Full packages start at $500 / month.